Food Systems and the World Food Crisis

I developed a presentation for the Reedley Peace Center. It is still pretty rough.  There is no audio to go with this yet and thus it may be difficult at times to follow the argument.  Anyway, give it a look.  There are four short video clips that I had embedded in the slideshow but to see them you will have to click on the “YouTube” videos below the slideshow. You should be able to figure that out .

Ellul talking about the result of inattention to ends: a “technique-focused” society

Rosecrantz (of IFPRI) in Senate Testimony talking about how food diverted to biofuels drives up food prices

Kharas of the Brookings Institute talking on the PBS Newshour about food prices and income

Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin sounding a lot like Jacques Ellul and talking about our modern food system

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