Writing about…

Just past my 50th year…

I live in Northern CA and am trying to contribute to my community here. I like to write about how faith interacts with other things in my life. I like to write about peace and living it in all areas of my life. I like to write about biking and the people and things I see when I do.

I try to be honest with myself in what I write and to not dehumanize people when I disagree with them.

Please call me on it if you see me not honoring a commitment to peace and humanization in what I write here…

  1. Edye says:

    Hi Robb! I learned from Danielle Fodor that you are next door neighbors–wow. I’ve returned to Sacramento after a year in DC–phew, we made it out intact! I would love to connect. I will be working at UCD full-time in June and will be in Davis most days then. Alternately I’m coming in next Friday, 4/22 and could meet for lunch if you’re available. Are you involved in a church here? I remember before you were meeting with several other Mennonite-influenced people.


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