Wanderers in a Storm

Posted: 27 August 2013 in Uncategorized

Confused by the unpredictable

Winds and rain from all points,

To the door we come.

In hope of



Invited inside without condition we are

Welcomed—naturally, simply, as

Family members known.

A greeting made of words of harmony

Much needed after the raging


But then a reminder of

Our full participation both

In making and maintaining; seeding and

Nurturing the elements

Of the confusion.


And we name it as so

Also in hope.  And hope

Waits but a very short while to find


And the promise (accepted) that all must be well.


Then a story—a story of stories—

That places us and the storm

(Of our making) into the

Context of everything. And we find

Our place. A real place.


A calling out, a plea!

(Even as we see supper laid).

Followed by a reminder that we are of a lineage

(Remember?—a real place)

Ending with another plea (in expectation)


And then on to the meal:

Brought to the table through

Toil. Filling (!), even as the blood, sweat, tears and

The body

That made it for us linger in its tasting.


And then (too soon, too soon) time to

Leave this place of solace, of stories, of food.

No fear in leaving

No fear, no fear…

Sent (thrust?) into the storm expressly.


Out the door into

The tempest of our choosing.  But now to calm it and

To live un-harried within it.

No more buffeted, and no more

To wander.


(This is the arc of worship that makes us a people who stride forward to meet what must come.)


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