The Briefest of Post-Scripts (And then No More–I Promise): Why I Will Not be Voting in this Year’s National Election

Posted: 8 November 2012 in Faith and Life

And on the day after, the same sun came up

Violence still claimed lives in a thousand different places

Babies still found sustenance from their mothers’ breasts


The spending of an unthinkable (for most of us) amount of money to buy power stopped

(But probably only briefly)

Some fists were clenched and angry syllables muttered

Some hubris sought new bounds


In some places new resources for schools, more equitable justice systems or the right to light up or wed the person one loves spurred hope

In others the newly elected began seeing the world in a new way

And in some places people thought long and hard about how they might become part of the solution


And on the evening after, the same sun went down

Drones pounded a far off village

A man dreamed of a time, coming soon, when his pre-existing condition would not keep him from accessing health care


Some politicians braced anew for their unending Manichean struggle (a struggle of their own creation)

A number of people pointed fingers and vomited Ayn Rand’s brand of social autism

Too many celebrated the defeat of “enemies” rather than mourning the further loss of community


Elsewhere, community members gathered to explore how to bring restorative justice to their local juvenile justice system

Others went to trainings to equip themselves to staff a cold weather shelter for those without homes

A small group planted a new hedgerow to harbor beneficial insects and provide pollen to bees in all seasons


And the same sun is going to keep coming up and going down

And in some places the hurt will get wound more tightly

And in other places some faithful aliens will continue the long defeat of dutifully unwinding it all


And that long defeat will lead to inevitable victory

No matter who claims the title of “commander in chief”, or who sits in that oval office, or who decides who is next on the kill list.

  1. Kara Beckman says:

    i’ve appreciated reading your thoughts this election season. thanks for sharing them and thus inviting me to a deeper reflection as it all unfolded and continues on.

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