An Election Eve Prayer (November 2012)

Posted: 5 November 2012 in Faith and Life

Warning: This prayer may offend for a number of reasons: it is Christian, attempts to be Anabaptist, and uses archaic monarchical language.

Read it at your own risk

Our Father…

We thank you that you are both our Father and our King.  Our allegiance is to you and your kingdom alone and we long for its coming in fullness.  We thank you that in Jesus we see the first fruits of your reign: a reign characterized by peace, justice and the reconciliation of all things.

Oh Great King, we see the brokenness of our world and at times we feel overwhelmed.  We long to see the wrongs made right, the sick made well, relationships healed and the hungry fed.  And we confess that sometimes we lose heart.

But we also confess that we await the consummation of the work you began in Jesus who taught us that your kingdom is unlike any of this world.  We see his kingdom: a kingdom in which the prince washes the feet of his subjects.  We see a kingdom in which the outcasts are brought to a feast with their Lord.  We see a kingdom in which the sovereign’s subjects are called his friends.

And again we say: May your kingdom come in fullness.

We recognize no other ruler than you, our gracious and merciful king.

You have made us your ambassadors of reconciliation in this world and we understand that in Jesus you are reconciling all things in the universe—that you are healing all things.  And you have called us to be your emissaries, to announce this good news.

You have called us as a holy nation—not because of anything we have done but only so that we might be a blessing in the world; that we might live into the reality of the reconciled cosmos that is coming into being.  May we discharge faithfully our duties as your ambassadors.

We also understand that you have sent us as ambassadors into THIS nation at THIS time to be a blessing and we ask that you will enable us to be just that.  This nation, our home (though we live like aliens in it), faces an election this week. Many decisions must be made.  Votes will be cast to determine the people who will lead and on ballot initiatives that will have a direct bearing on our lives and on the lives of many others.

In the face of these decisions many of us are anxious.  Some of us are fearful. Some of us are angry.

In this time we ask you to remind us of who we are and who you are.

We understand that you have established nations and given them a role in your plan of redemption.  But we also realize that no nation can save us. We see that while many nations speak of justice and invoke your name, they simultaneously reach for “the fruit” and thereby reveal their true intentions: to be autonomous from you and to claim your salvific role.

We confess that no leader can lead us into truth, that you uniquely call no nation, and that the claims to “exceptionalism” are tools of manipulation to bind our allegiance to nations that are not our true home.

We understand that this nation and its leaders, like all nations and all leaders, serve at your pleasure.

And so as we face tomorrow and the days after take the fear and anxiety from our hearts.  Prepare us, no matter the outcome, to redouble our efforts to live into the reality of your coming kingdom—to be the ambassadors of reconciliation you have called us to be in this nation, in this state, in this county and in this city. Keep us focused on our calling.

We pray especially for Governor Romney and President Obama as they prepare to lead this nation.  Remind them of who you are.  Remind them that they are men, like all men, like all humans: prone to wander; prone to leave the shepherd who would call them to follow him. Remind them of their need of you.

And no matter who wins this election, no matter which ballot measures pass or fail, give us the strength and courage to wake the next morning ready to be agents of healing and hope in this city, in in this county, in this state, in the United States and in the world—wherever you take us.

In the name of the one who is making all things new

In the name of the Prince of Peace

In the name of the one who gave of himself so that all may know life

In the name of the one who came to serve

In Jesus name we pray.



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