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In late May of 2012 I was selected to serve on a jury in a criminal trial in my county. The trial was to go on for nearly 4 weeks and ended with verdicts reached after 3 days of deliberation.

The “Participants”:

• 2 defendants and 2 defense attorneys

• 12 charges including: attempted robbery (with gun enhancements), assault with a semiautomatic weapon and pimping

• about 12 witnesses including one of the defendants, a “john” a prostitute, LOTS of CHP officers and a car salesman

• 2 judges (one who presided over the trial and one who presided over the rendering of the verdict in the absence of the first judge)

• 12 jurors and 3 alternates (only one of whom was male—me)

What follows are some vignettes from this experience. I write them to remind myself 1) of the feelings of that sad/intriguing/strange trial and 2) of some key things I learned about our legal system.