2010 Senses (Non-virtual)

Posted: 31 December 2010 in Uncategorized

I saw the mountains descend into the sea

I smelled the sweat of five days clinging to my skin

I tasted trout, fished from a lake 15 minutes before

I heard the rumbles in the distance and wondered at the power of a Sierra storm

I felt the softness of my grandson’s hair

I felt the sting of torn flesh–falling from my bike in Masanutten

I heard the wind stream by on the long descent from Tioga

I tasted a crafted wine put down 17 years before

I smelled the street on the clothes of the man next to me on the bus

I saw a road stretch to nowhere with a dead town at my back

I saw a people coming together to re-vision their city

I smelled a sage desert from 500 feet above–the intoxication of a primal plant

I tasted a tomato plucked from the vine on a cool morning–the juice as sacred as the Eucharist cup

I heard a man weep at the loss of the woman with whom he had shared underpasses and “holes in the ground”

I felt the lips of the woman I love-soft as 28 years ago

I felt flower petals in a riotous patch of color at 7000 feet

I heard words of anger explode from my mouth–the death of passion, the birth of petulance

I tasted the fruit of the labor of my own hands for the first time–and I licked my fingers

I smelled dirt–living soil from which springs life

I saw the engines of death hover, dive, dart and wondered how I would feel if…

I smelled a city, an orchard and a charcoal fire (transported to Africa on its scent)

I saw hateful glares, confused eyes, grins that just could not be stopped and the open mouths of uncontainable laughter

I tasted blackberries, the leather of my gloves, meade and coffee, coffee, coffee

I felt the tread of my bike tire, the scab on my knee and the satin inside of a dog’s ear

I heard music played on a lute, the story of birthright sold and conversations with family, friends and many people whom I love


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