Scorched Earth Economics

Posted: 4 December 2010 in Uncategorized
Look me in the eye and tell me, honestly, that those earning over $250,000 per year will suffer if the tax cut granted to them 10 years ago is left to expire. Tell me that it will stall the recovery (No republican I know has made that kind of Keynesian argument since before the Reagan era). Tell me it is unfair or unjust (keep looking me in the eye as I remind you how favored they are in Social Security Taxes). Hold my gaze as you add that we can’t afford safe water, air, and food programs; that safety nets must be done away with; that teachers and firemen will have to find other work because we can’t afford them. Don’t look away as I suggest that those earning over $250,000 per year could help pay for those things. Don’t avert your eyes when I remind you that the top 1% of the population in this “land of opportunity” holds nearly a quarter of the wealth. Then look around and see the scorched earth created by policies that deny the humanity of those who are poor. Look at the earth scorched by a generation of lies that blame the poor for their poverty; policies that have called for ever lower taxes, ever increasing spending on things like the military and the “security” state, and ever angrier cries for “less government”. See the burnt fields and hope that something will grow from the ashes…

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