Robert’s Farm (VI)

Posted: 30 September 2010 in Robert's Farm

The season turns on the farm… Despite an early autumn heat wave in the valley Robert and I agree that the “slant of the sun” sends messages to some primal part of our brains that it is time to start hunkering down for the winter.  I have been there long enough at this point that I am now helping to remove the tomato plants that were just starting to produce fruit when I first started coming.  We moved the chickens (who were delighted) into the old tomato patch, planted the winter garden, set gopher traps in the winter garden (that’s right, they showed up on cue to eat the seed potatoes) and picked what will be the last of the corn and melons.

The hawks circled overhead and we wondered when they would join up and head south.  Their cries to one another suggested that that time is not far away.  Every day other birds head south as Debbie prepares the blackberry vines for winter and the spring.  And by 5:00 pm the sun’s slant reminds us, again, of what is coming.

I was captured by the bittersweet realization of the passing of time on the farm… My own mortality drifted by on the thermals of the sky and I remembered again that I live like I do so that maybe another generation can stand in this place, grow these crops, share this bounty–that the rhythm of the seasons might beat towards peace and healing.


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