Robert’s Farm (IV)

Posted: 27 August 2010 in Robert's Farm
I have not been forthcoming about the farm.  It is actually not just “Robert’s” farm.  It is Debbie’s too.  My omission was wrong but I wanted a simple title and Robert was the one who invited me out in the first place.  So, it is not surprising that I think of it as “Robert’s”.  But, in fact, it is Robert’s and Debbie’s.  I did not see Debbie today, or last week either.  She is “back to school”, meaning that she has been back at her job as “lunch lady” and classroom monitor at a local (small, rural) elementary school not far from the farm.  Ken Meter, food system analyst and executive director of the Crossroads Resource Center (“a non-profit organization, works with communities and their allies to foster democracy and local self-determination” their website says) wrote this week that “89 percent of all farm family income comes from off-farm sources.”  Not sure the source of his statistics but it makes me wonder about Robert and Debbie.  I have to develop a deeper relationship with Robert before I can ask him about his particular case but I wonder about the inability of farmers to earn a living from their farms.  We all need to eat.  We all need food produced by farmers (directly or indirectly).  Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the vast majority of farmers can’t earn a living farming?  

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