“The Visit”: What We Learned from our Friends from Far Away (I)

Posted: 8 March 2010 in Uncategorized
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They came. They rode our streets, met with our leaders, listened, shared, talked and laughed with us. They met with “official leaders” and those who merely want to help others fix their rides. They spent four days on bikes–barely entering a vehicle that burns fuel shipped from far away. They taught us…through their questions. And we remembered that we used to have the same passion (and some of us still do).

I need to think this out. I need some time to reflect. In coming days I will try to tease out the following:

  • The importance of bike “hardware” and bike “software” working together to make for a bike friendly city.
  • Why we need to remember that biking is a “means” and that we need to keep the “end” in mind.
  • If biking is to be for everyone then we must take a long view and not merely seek the “one best way” to make our argument.
  • Relationship–within our communities or across space–is the key to bringing change.

And oh-so-much more…

For now, all I can say for sure after seven years of being “car free” is “stay tuned”…


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