PA/MD/VA 2009 (III)

Posted: 12 February 2010 in Riding

Potomac River–Sunday in July

Low, flat river first calm and then churned to insanity by the rocks. Then calm and time-forgotten beneath a trestle–high, high up. A Civil War bridge towers on cliffs above the now-retired auto parts laborer and his grandboy.

Catfish and bass, bobbers and hooks, sinkers and all manner of bait. Sunday and the sun is refusing to set on a deep-sky, endless-reflection weekend. He talks of how it is…and was.

“Walking to work was more important than the pay” (which was modest). “I could walk to work, you see? I could come home for lunch.”

Now, a town going…? Bluegrass to save it? The river to rescue it? Rails-to-trail to salvage it?

“They say the next thing is tourism… But how does a town live on that?”

Apples gone, sewing gone, car parts… All gone.

Grandboy misses a hit and the biting flies send me on my way into the bluing night, wondering.


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