PA/MD/VA 2009 (I)

Posted: 12 February 2010 in Riding

I knew this from the time I was very young–when you ride a bike you see things, smell things, hear things and learn of things that are not possible to see, hear, smell or learn by car (let alone by plane). Too often I have flown over or driven through places where I should have taken the time to stop and learn. So this hot, sticky summer I took some time–slept in small towns, visited laundro-mats, hung out at fire stations and sat beside rivers where people fish. I saw and heard things that I need to tell–and I will. For now, suffice it to say that traveling at the speed of bike gives one a chance to listen to and learn from people–to hear their stories and sit with them in their worlds. I must do more of that if I am to contribute to peace and healing in a broken world. People need to have someone hear their stories and those stories matter–a great deal. We can do that if we get out of our cars and planes and travel at a different pace.


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